Dr. N. Vijaya Bhaskar Choudary, Ph.D.
Dr.Annie Wood Besant Jobs
Code of Conduct

Rules of Discipline :


The  college  attaches  as  much  importance  to  the  general  character  and  behavior  of  the  students  as  to their   progress   in   curricular  studies. The   college   therefore   expects   the   students   to   so   conduct themselves,  both  inside  and  outside  the  campus  as  to  be worthy  of  the best  and  the  highest  ideals  of conduct and action in public life.


The following are the General Rules of discipline and behavior.


1. Every  student  shall  wear  a  clean  and  decent uniform dress  (Pink  shirt  &  Blue  pant) for  classes and a shirt and a short for games and sports.


2. Cycling in the college campus and parking of vehicles in notified places are prohibited.


3. Students  are  advised  not  to  smoke  and  are  strictly  prohibited  from  smoking  in  the  College campus or on the play grounds.


4. Students  are  not  allowed  to  loiter  in  the  College  campus  during  the  working  hours  and  Daily Dedication.


5. As  soon  as  the  bell  for  class  is  given,  students  should  go  to  their  respective  classes  and  be  in their seats before the lecturer enters the class room.


6. In  the  case  of  P.G.  Classes,  the  Head  of  the  Department  in  consultation  with  the  faculty members will formulate academic plan for implementation. All academic problems will have to be  referred  to  the  Head of  Department  who  will  in  turn  discuss  them  with  the  principle  for redressal.


7. The  principal  shall  have  full  power  to  inflict  the  following  punishments  in  the  interest  of  the students  and  of  the  institution.  Fine,  loss  of  attendance,  loss  of  Term  Certificate,  suspension (A.E.R.) and expulsion (only after  considering the explanation if any, received from the  student or his parent or guardian in the matter)


Attendance and Leave Rules :


1. Lecturer shall take attendance at the commencement of each period and any student who is not present in the class room when his number is called,shall be marked absent for the period.


2. Students coming late should not enter the class room without the permission of the Lecturer.


3. No student is allowed to leave the class room without the permission of the Lecturer.


4. Students  habitually  coming  late  to  the  class  are  subject  to  such  disciplinary  action  as  the Principal may take against them.


5. All applications for leave must be made in writing to the Principal.


6. A student will lose


A) Half-a-day if he is absent without leave for any part of a session.


B) A full day if he is absent without leave for the whole session.


C) Twice the number of days of absent without leave.


7. When a student is absent without leave for more than six consecutive working days, he/she will be called up for along with his/her parents for an explanation for taking necessary action.


8. When  a  student  is  habitually  absent  for  Theory  classes  and  present  for  practical  classes  he will not be allowed for practical classes in the Science courses.


9. The attendance of each student, as marked by the Lecturers, willbe collected at the end of each fortnight at the Principal’s office. Under the supervision of one of the Lecturers it will be totaled and tabulated in the Term Certificate at the end of every month. No alteration shall be made in it thereafter.


10. In  the  case  of  PG.  Classes,  a  separate  Attendance  Register  is  maintained  and  the  Lecturers  in charge  will make  attendance  every hour. The Attendance  Register will be  in the  custody of the Head of the Department.


11. According  to  the  University  Ordinance,  the  grant  of Annual  Certificate  shall  be  subject  to  the following conditions.


A) In the College affiliated or recognized in Arts the Certificate shall not be granted unless a student has  secured  three-fourths  of  the  attendance prescribed  by  the  College  in  the  course  of instruction followed by him during the year.


B) The Certificate shall not be granted unless the student has completed the course of instruction to  the  satisfaction  of  the  authorities  of  the  college  and  his  progress  and  conduct  have  been satisfactory.


Grievance Cell Rules:




1.HANDLING OF Classes by staff


2.Office work relating to Students


3.Cleanliness of class room


4.Furniture in the class room


5.Amenities (Toilets etc.,)


6.Facilities in Phy. Education










11.Cultural Activities


12.Extra Curricular Activities.


Whatsoever  be  the  grievance  that  the  students  have  with  regard  to  the  above  items,  they  will  submit them to the student welfare officer and disciplinary committee.


While submitting a complaint to the students Grievance Cell bystudents on above items, they have to submit one representation to the Committee with copy to the Principal and Administrative Committee, and find out  a solution. The  students will be  informed accordingly  and the Principal will take necessary steps in effecting the solution expeditiously.


In effecting the solution, if it involves  expenditure  from general funds only, then the Administrative Committee will sit with the Correspondent and decide positively in so far as finances permit.


Miscellaneous Rules :


1. Tuition fees shall be paid in one lumpsum for each term.


2. Special Fees must be paid in one lumpsum along with the First term fees.


3. If a student fails to pay the fees before the last date fixed for payment as per Hand Book a fine of  Rupees  1  shall  be  levied.  If  the  fee  is  not paid  before  the  end  of  the  month,  the students name shall be struck off from the rolls. For re-admission, he shall pay in addition to the fees due from  him,  a  re-admission  fee  of  Rupees  Six  including  fine  subject  to  the  availability of  seats. However the student will lose attendance from the date of deletion of the name on the rolls to the date of re-admission.


4. The  fact  that  a  student  has  not  attended  the  college  with or without  leave  does  not  affect  the operation of Rules, 1,2 and 3.


5. Fees will be received in the office on all working days during the hours notified.


6. Admission  of  students  from  other  institution  will  not  be  made  without  presenting  the  conduct and  Transfer  Certificates  from  the institution  last  studied.  A  student  coming  from  another University  area  must  apply  for  Recognition  within  15  days  from  the  date  of  his provisional admission.


7. Issue of T.C and C.C. will be governed by the rules hereunder.


I) If a student after having paid the fees in any term applies  for T.C and C.C subsequently before the fifth working day of the College for the term, no fee will be levied.


Ii) However, if the T.C. and C.C. are applied for after the fifth working day of the following term, but before the closure of the College for the term Rupees five will be levied.


Iii) After the completion of course, if a student applies for T.C. and C.C. within five working days of the following academic year no fee will be charged.


Iv) After the completion of course or after his discontinuance of studies, if a student applies for T.C. and C.C. after  five working days as mentioned in (iii)  above Rupees Five will be charged.


V) If  a  student  applies  for  T.C.  and  C.C.  after  he  has  left  the  college  a  fee  of  Rs.25  will  be levied up to one year and Rs. 50/-thereafter


Vi) For duplicate T.C. and C.C. Rs.100 will be levied.


Vii) For Duplicate identity card Rs. 50/-will be charged.


8. Medical Examination is compulsory in the first term for all the students. A student coming from another college has to submit his medical certificate along with his T.C. atthe time of admission.


9. Students who discontinued should bring this fact to the notice of the principal is writing within five working  days  from  the  date  of  their  discontinuing  studies,  otherwise  they  have  to  pay  the fees due to the college.